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When it comes to health, exercise and nutrition are the perfect pair, you cannot have one without the other if you want total success. At FASTER, we offer supplements to help you reach your full potential with nutrition and fitness.

Pittsburgh Fresh Build Bar

At FASTER, we want you to understand that a balanced and healthy nutritional lifestyle is just as important as working out. In order to reach your goal(s), whether it is to lose weight, gain weight, maintain a healthy physique or increase sport/athletic performance, you must fuel your body with natural, whole foods. At FASTER, we make achieving nutritional success easy with readily available pre-ordered food, healthy grab and go meals, smoothies and more!

Pittsburgh Fresh

Pittsburgh FreshPittsburgh Fresh is a fast food service but unlike any other! It’s FAST, it’s FOOD, and it’s DELICIOUS! Pittsburgh Fresh offers only healthy, all natural food options that are full of flavor. There are two choices of meal types: Paleo Meals or Balanced Meals, and ALL meals are prepared by local chefs. Paleo Meals contain 5-ounces of a protein and a 7-ounce side. Balanced Meals include 1 protein serving, 1 carbohydrate serving and 2 vegetable servings. When refrigerated meals keep for up to three days; meals can also be frozen within the three day period to preserve them longer. Pittsburgh Fresh offers a different menu weekly and orders can be placed following the link below. Orders must be placed by midnight on Thursday for delivery the following week. Orders will arrive Sunday night and can be picked up during FASTER business hours starting Monday. Click here to order:

At FASTER we know that a healthy diet is just as important as your workout, so we have designed our shakes to correlate precisely with specific fitness goals. Each shake boasts 30 grams of protein and are made with 100% real crushed fruit...NO JUNK!!

No Added Sugar

No Additives

No Preservatives

No Corn Syrups

No Hydrogenated Oils

No Gluten

No Aspartame

Whether you “Build-a-Shake” or choose one of our “Signature Shakes”, you can be certain that it will be filled with the most healthy product available. Check out everything BUILD BAR has to offer TODAY!

The FASTER Build Bar is open to anyone hoping to enjoy a delicious and nutritious shake. Whether you are one of #fastersfinest fueling up before or after a workout or in the area, stop in and enjoy all that the Build Bar has to offer!!

Build Bar is open during all regularly scheduled hours at FASTER.