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Internships at FASTER

Are you a college Junior or Senior in the Exercise Science, Fitness/Nutrition, or Sports Marketing Field looking for a WORLD CLASS Internship Opportunity? Would you like to Intern at Pittsburgh’s best Fitness and Athlete Performance Facility and be immersed amongst pro/collegiate-athlete sessions, team conditioning sessions and group fitness classes? Do you want to experience the most hands-on, extensive fitness, athlete performance and/or marketing internship?


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FASTER, a premier fitness and athlete performance center in Pittsburgh, PA, is home to many youth, adult, and professional athletes, all working towards the common goal of taking their mind, body, and soul to the next level. Our internship program is currently seeking the most passionate and committed individuals interested in gaining the knowledge and experience to create GREATNESS in themselves and in others.

We are looking for:

  • • Fall, Spring, and Summer Interns
  • • Exemplary passion and work ethic towards helping others
  • • Experience with youth
  • • National certifications or plans to get certified
  • • Observational or practical personal training or strength and conditioning experience
  • • Career goals in line with a future in health, fitness, and/or marketing
  • • A "standout" resume demonstrating an exemplary commitment to and promotion of the field of fitness and sports performance
  • • A displayed ability to work with various populations
  • • Creativity at its finest

As a FASTER intern, you will have the opportunity to:

  • • Assist in program design and implementation for various populations including youth, adults, collegiate and professional athletes
  • • Experience hands-on coaching in camps, classes, and small group training sessions
  • • Mentor under some of the industry’s top professionals
  • • Receive up-to-date training in the areas of fitness and sports performance, as well as applicable business strategies during weekly educational meetings with the FASTER coaching staff
  • • Develop and initiate internal and external marketing and advertising campaigns
  • • Work on presentation and speaking skills during marketing events
If this sounds like exactly what you are looking for, please send a cover letter, resume, and references to Megan Meyer, Director of Internships, at Internships are awarded on a first come, first served basis.


Coach, Thanks for everything! FASTER is Awesome! Thanks Again for everyone's help with my workouts this summer. All of your trainers are incredible! I loved it and I will definitely be back! Ally D. - Baldwin Wallace University

I appreciated all of the time you devoted to helping me learn. It is inspiring to meet so many people who truly care about the wellbeing of others. Thank you very much. Alys C. - Slippery Rock University

Cannot thank you guys enough for the amazing opportunity to intern with you! You have taught me so much about the health, fitness and running a successful business. Kristen R. - Penn State University

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to intern at FASTER this summer. I have learned so much from you and hope to carry that into my future endeavors. Lindsey B. - Washington and Jefferson College

My time at FASTER was probably the best hands on experience I could have asked for. I learned so much in my 12 weeks with Coach DeRose and became so much more confident in my skills while working with at FASTER. So much of what I learned in my time with FASTER has helped me market myself in the job market and be confident with what I'm teaching my clients. Laura F. – Slippery Rock University

My experience at FASTER was invaluable. I learned more than I thought I would be able to because of how hands on I was able to be. I was able to pick Coach DeRose's brain of any and every bit of information I could and it made the experience very rewarding. The ability to watch Dr. Barnard and ask him questions about chiropractic and the profession helped me reinforce my desire to become a chiropractor and one day have a business setup similar to the FASTER facility. It was one of the best experiences I have had and couldn't have found a better place to learn. Thanks again! Alex S. – Slippery Rock University

My internship at FASTER was one of the best experiences I've had. Coach DeRose helped teach me a lot about personal training and helped hone my skills in developing a personal training regimen as well as how to progress patients through a rehab program which really helped me with my career goals. I gained a lot of confidence in working on my own providing me with the necessary guidance while still giving me the space and ability to learn on my own. Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in personal training or any other health care related field. FASTER is definitely a great place to better yourself and get to your career goals faster. Brent H. – University of Pittsburgh

I first contacted Mr. DeRose in the spring of 2013 as a student hoping to apply to the athletic training program at the University of Pittsburgh the following term. Through my internship at Faster I experienced the way in which he brought each individual to their goals through unique and effective training programs. His concentration on not just muscle and strength gain, but useable gain for each individual and their needs is what I considered the most important aspect of my observations. The focus placed on correcting gait patterns, lifting and exercise techniques, and healthy lifestyles to supplement the work in the gym permeates the work I do in the athletic training rooms as a student here at Pitt. The knowledge and experience I brought from my internship at FASTER not only gave me the edge to make it into and succeed in the athletic training program at Pitt but also is vital in improving the quality of care that I provide my athletes. Tyler A. – University of Pittsburgh

FASTER gave me an internship experience like no other internship site could have. From the start, Coach trusted me and gave me numerous opportunities to learn. The hands-on experience at this site is the best anyone could ask for. I was treated like a staff member, worked with multiple clients each day, and even several clients at one time throughout each day. I was challenged each day to grow as a person, professional, and team member. By the end of my internship, I felt comfortable enough to say I knew enough information from my experience to run a facility similar to this one. Because of FASTER, I have made many connections that will last into my professional career. I would like to thank everyone at FASTER (clients, staff, interns) for everything you have done for me!! Nathan M. – Slippery Rock University

I just wanted to thank you for letting me intern with you and for teaching me all the stuff you knew about training. I had a great time working with you and it was a very fun and exciting experience. I learned a lot and had a fun time doing it in a great environment. I like how training was taken serious but at the same time you could do your own thing and be creative there was not any cookie cutter ways of working. You and Sommer are great people to work for and great people in general. I tell everyone I know when they asked about a gym all about you and how your training is great and unique. I wish you the best of luck with Faster. Thanks again for everything and I am so glad I got know you guys. Thanks! Lyndsay D. – Robert Morris University

Faster has been a great experience for me. I get to work with different athletes and new clients on a daily basis which always presents a new challenge to make help them become the strongest version of themselves. Helping people become better is a passion of mine and faster has given me a chance to help others in the transformation process. Eric T. – California University